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Disinfection/Virus Clearance Test

Disinfection/Virus Clearance TestNow we offer coronavirus (COVID-19) clearance testing service!

A demand for hygiene products has been growing rapidly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We see a lot of products/formulation with statements such as “Kills 99.9% coronavirus” or “Inactivate the coronavirus;” however, these statements can be false advertising without scientific evidence.

We offer services to test your hygiene products against coronavirus with our extensive facilities and professionals.

With our know-how, we design and propose testing plans for each customer, referring to standards.

Evaluation testing against novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will be performed with virus isolated from clinical specimen, including variants of concern.

We conduct testing against COVID-19 at the BSL3 facility and can only accept the following samples due to our facility limitation:

  • liquids,
  • soft plates,
  • fibers,
  • UV lights, and other materials that can be used in biosafety cabinets.

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